Seeing the World in a Rainbow of Grays, Blacks & Whites

Someone nominated me for the B&W Challenge. Unfortunately I cannot remember who, but I am sure it was a lovely person and I would like to tell her (I do remember it was a woman) that I am honored you want to see my photos in B&W.

I have been nominated before and stressed every day for seven days about which exact photos to post and who to nominate that would see the nomination as a challenge rather than a burden, who has the desire to explore with a camera, and  whose photos I would love to see, and finally someone I felt would actually follow through.   I followed the rules, precisely, in round one: one photo every day, one nominee every day, no explaining your photos, and no people in the image.  



This time I am going ROGUE!  I will post all seven black and white photos at once and I will nominate anyone who wants to be nominated without specifying names. I will participate but under my own rules so that I can  free up my week from anxiety.




Don’t forget I encourage you to challenge yourself. I nominate anyone who would like to explore their world in a rainbow of grays and whites and blacks.  Remember the rules are: post one black and white photo a day for seven days and nominate someone else to do the same every day. No explaining your photos and no people in the images.

But here’s the thing, only you can decide whether those rules are worth keeping.

PS: What’s black and white and read all over – doesn’t work as a joke anymore, especially not in writing, but it was nonetheless the inspiration of my feature photo – The New York Times Building. Yup it’s a riddle from a different era when papers printed exclusively in black and white. And were read from cover to cover.

And a most recent bonus shot.

IMG_2064 Ipswich Agawam Diner


(c)Alison Colby-Campbell


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