When a feature writer becomes a feature

Haverhill, though a small city with 65,000 people over 36 square miles, is a very connected city. And if you’re a feature writer for a few monthly magazines (in this instance Haverhill Life), you get to know a lot of people because you always want to tell their stories. But it was my husband, Jonathan Campbell (who is also a photographer on land and by drone), who approached a local non-profit media outlet, WHAV, that featured me in a media that was not one where I worked.

It was very gracious of WHAV media owner Tim Coco to surprise me with a call about my participation in the Walter E and Elizabeth C Cummings Gallery in Beverly, MA. I like that about our small city, too, some people like Tim, are above the petty competition that other “competitors” might feel. So I hope readers will support and follow WHAV.net, too.

The article includes an invitation to visit the gallery and though its about 45 minutes away, Tim said he hoped to drop in. (How nice!) The gallery showcases really superior work from 11 people who share a a connection to gallery owner David Cummings. David recognized that there was a lot of talent among high school friends from our other home town, Lynnfield, MA. And when pursuing a long-held dream to focus on his art and create a gallery, he came to the realization that starting his gallery with people he knew, trusted and appreciated for their art was a strong idea. And voila a charming gallery was born which leads you wondering, what was in the water in Lynnfield that produced so many people who pursued art?

Here is the WHAV article. https://whav.net/2020/12/03/photographer-colby-campbell-brings-a-little-bit-of-haverhill-to-a-beverly-gallery/

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Copyright Photos and Text by Alison Colby-Campbell except WHAV article.


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