These are from my random series called Dog Face of the Day. I do not have a dog companion and so find myself dawn to the wonderful canines I meet in my travels. These are not always Fine Pet Portraits, in fact I shoot some while opening my car window and grabbing a shot as my husband drives by, but they are always wonderful exchanges between human and the creatures that are most willing to teach us about love, loyalty and forgiveness. Many if not most of these dogs are rescues. Love a dog, be loved forever. (Click to see full size individual photos. Photos appear in random order each time you refresh so each pup has the chance to be the star. ) PS I am not looking to sell these photos just sharing the dog face joy!

Please note that according to my vet, dogs should NOT ever be given a corn cob as they get lodged and need to be removed surgically.



DSC_0711 Haverhill Dog Face of the Day Fynn


DSC_8426 Haverhill Crescent Farm Tractor Pull Dog Face of the Day 2DSC_7932 HAverhill Crescent tractor pull dog face of the day

Dogs bring joy (and a lot of work and eaten shoes and some disgusting things) but definitely joy, no ifs, ands, or butts…Okay just a few butts…

(c)Alison Colby-Campbell