In this series, Alison Colby-Campbell highlights the photos that soothe the soul and are appropriate for overworked individuals, yoga studios, medical facilities, busy offices, banks, wherever one might be where stress is edging into your life, and you need to take a moment and breathe. Images available framed, matted, and digitally. Call for quotes.

“I chose these images because they evoked one of two reactions from m; they either made me smile (I mean you have to smile back at stoner snowy owl, right) or exhale. We need balance in our lives – a time for quiet reflection and a time to be our brightest most daring self. That’s why I have such different series of imagery. It’s the yin and yang inherent in each of us.” Alison Colby-Campbell

#Photography, #sereneimages, #calmingnature, #naturephotography, #breathe, #calmdown, #calminginfluence, #calmingphotography

All photos whether watermarked or not are (c) Alison Colby-Campbell.




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